the simple way​ to manage networks

Lazy Conf​

Many possibilities, Easy to learn, Lazy configuration of devices

About us

Software-defined Networking

Scalable configuration and management of network devices to lazily perform changes

Version Control​

A version control system makes it easy to find changes and go back to older states of the configuration

Pre​​defined Functions

Even people without CLI knowledge can manage a network with many built-in functions

What is the idea?​

The idea of Lazy Conf is to simplify network device configuration.
Normally network devices get configurated per hand and only one device at a time. This process can take a long time and is prone to making errors.
Lazy Conf allows for a configuration of multiple devices at once, can check previous iterations of the configuration and use built-in functions.


Paul Raubitzek​

Project Manager ​

Marc Braun​

Deputy Project Manager​

Arthur Satora

Project Staff

Tarik Isic

Project Staff​​